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TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Please read the terms and conditions below, then click on Subscribe Now.


  • - Membership to have a Trade Room on this website is subject to approval and subject to denial without explanation.
  • - The registration process will collect personal contact information. Some information will be automatically posted to your Trade Room like room number, email, URL and name and other information like phone number, addresses will not automatically be posted.
  • - A membership fee will not be charged or announced until further notice no sooner then January 1, 2022. If approved, membership will be free until that time as a beta test period.
  • - After the test period if any members do not agree with any new membership fees, they may terminate their membership.
  • - Upon membership you will be assigned a membership also know as your Trade Room number for reference. No numbers less than 101 can be used. You may use your BCCA number or other numeric on a first come first get basis.
  • - Upon membership you will get your own access ID and Password for managing your own inventory, pricing and descriptions. You must maintain you own page!
  • - No money management will be provided through All transactions for your items will go through you either via email or a link to your website, eBay store, Facebook page or however you want.
  • - During the free beta test period only one room is allowed per person. The amount of inventory per room will be determined by Additional rooms may be available after the beta test period TBD.


  • - Absolutely no advertising to BUY cans or any merchandise within your Trade Room.  This is reserved for ONLY.
  • - You MAY, have logos and links to your own website and advertise you buy there but no wording in your logo, link, item description or a sign in the background of a photo may advertise such.
  • - You MAY advertise services such as can repairs, upcoming auctions or like. Subject to approval if not specifically mentioned within the terms and conditions.
  • - Absolutely no fake, novelty or reproduction items allowed UNLESS the first work in dark bold lettering states such AND no copyrights or other legal infringements are violated. Examples and intent include but not limited to; paper labels, undisclosed touch
    ups and known repairs,
  • - You must maintain your inventory. Reasonable periodic updating is mandatory. If your Trade room is sold out and not having new inventory added or you just don’t update it, you will be put on notice to comply or terminate membership.
  • - will not get involved with any personal sales or trade disputes. This is only between you and the buyer.
  • - WILL get involve and provide a warning or membership termination if it received numerous complaints about a vendor that appears to be from multiple people or any situation deems unethical, purposely deceiving or practices that are not of the conduct the site would like to see.
  • - will NOT change any of your Trade Room’s contents but can either lock your room if an issue needs to be resolved or a warning is issued and can delete you room and membership if in violation (with or without warning).
  • - You agree to hold harmless of any damages to sales, reputation or anything for reasons due to website maintenance, errors, hacks, high jacks or any situation. If cannot resolve a website issue within reasonable time you can elect to terminate your membership.


  • - Photos are key!!!!! Take the best pictures possible with a higher resolution camera. Most smart phones are pretty good.
  • - Take photos against a white or black solid background.
  • - Crop the photo to get the products attention not what’s in the background
  • - Be clear in your description on price, terms and condition.
  • - Clearly disclose any repairs, replacements, touchups or anything that may useful in your buyer’s decision.


  • - You can help improve the site by offering feedback and ideas.
  • - News on upcoming changes, features and changes to the terms and conditions may be posted on the About page and/or emailed to you.

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